Lab-grade modular systems for craft cultivators and processors. 

 TWK312 Second Floor. LumiGrow Lights optional (not included standard)

TWK312 Second Floor. LumiGrow Lights optional (not included standard)

Perfect Environment

When you invest all your blood and tears in your craft product - you don't want any environmental problems. You want to know what you get from your equipment and facility. That's what you get with our modular system - The White Knight. When you veg, flower, or dry in TWK480X - you know what to expect. With TWK480XT, you can run your extraction process, or do all your kitchen work inside our kitchen unit TKW480K. We build each modular system to suit your needs so that you never have to worry about your environment again.

“Everyone wants consistency. To get that, you need full control of your environment.”



By controlling the environment to your standards, The White Knight will help you win the battle. No more surprises. For instance, we use a tongue and grove interlocking panel so that you have no seams, joints, or cracks for unwanted pests to enter. 


Pass all inspections

We design our modular systems so that you will pass inspections with ease. But we don't just drop off the unit and leave. We lead you through the facility planning process and, if necessary, we join you at the city or county planning department to make sure you're squared away.    








All our units are optimized for energy efficiency. For instance, TWK480X, our cultivation unit, comes with a precision cooling system that extracts humidity from the air and recycles the water for use - minimizing overall water use.

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 TWK480 Electrical is plug and play.

TWK480 Electrical is plug and play.

Get yours in 8 weeks.

The traditional building or tenant improvement process can seriously delay your time to market. That's stressful and costly. We will have your drawing package ready in days. We can then ship your unit, or build on site, and have you ready for inspection within 8-10 weeks.  

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