We made a lab-grade and turn-key mobile grow system so your facility is compliant and you can focus on growing.

Smart Growing

If you care about quality and yield (who doesn't), The White Knight is perfect for you. You will maximize your production yield, cut your energy usage, and cut crop spoilage by 75%. Why invest in a warehouse build out and risk losing your investment when you can just plug and play? The White Knight is delivered in 8 weeks. You just add water and electricity and you are good to go!

“Growers want flexibility, high yield, and a quality plug and play system.”



By controlling the environment to your standards, The White Knight will cut your spoilage by up to 75%. We use a tongue and grove interlocking panel so that you have no seams, joints, or cracks for unwanted pests to enter. 

Yield Gain

With The White Knight, you can reduce the veg cycle by one week. This allows for a 4th grow and harvest to be added to your yearly calendar. 


Reduction in crop spoilage


Improvement in yield

640 sq.ft.

Two levels. Fits on your truck.


The White Knight saves energy in several ways. For instance, our precision cooling unit extracts humidity from the air and recycles the water for use - minimizing overall water use.

More details in our FAQ


Get yours in 8 weeks.

We know speed and quality is important to you. We also understand that complex building permit delays and build-out hassles can seriously delay your time to market. The White Knight is built in California, Oregon, or directly on your property, so you can be ready to grow in 8 weeks.   

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