The White Knight is not a container

We know, The White Knight looks like a container. But, for many reasons, it is very different from a container. This is a container:  

A shipping container, no matter how drastically modified, is still licensed as a shipping container. For operations where no structure is utilized, a shipping container must be placed on property where commercial storage is allowed. The White Knight has no such constraints as it is a machine. 

That's right. The White Knight is a licensed and stamped piece of equipment, manufactured by Premises Labs - an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Our customers love this because it allows for tax friendly depreciation to be utilized by you, the owner.

A container, with its steel walls, was built to transport things, not for cultivation or processing. Our engineering team designed The White Knight products from ground up - specifically for cultivation and processing. Our completely closed system, coupled with unparalleled mobile control, ensures the absolute best in environmental and atmospherical conditions.  This creates the most energy efficient and transportable lab grade cultivation and processing system in the world today.

With superior insulation and materials, all built custom, The White Knight will reduce spoilage by 40%, eliminate pests and molds, reduce energy costs by 50%, and reduce water usage by up to 97%**