Achieve your production goals with The White Knight

Tired of struggling to meet your production goals? Don't settle for a container retrofit or warehouse build out. Neither of which were originally designed with growing in mind.

The White Knight provides the best controlled environment grow unit on the market today. It was designed and built by engineers and horticulturalists to be used for growing. TWK utilizes a positive pressure environment to prevent pests and diseases entering the growing environment.

Precise temperature control suppresses excessive plant stretch during flowering and promotes low plant stress levels. Consistent relative humidity levels are precisely maintained, accelerating growth during the vegetative cycle, and are easily dropped during flowering to increase trichome and resin production. Low humidity levels also make the environment inhospitable to fungi such as powdery mildew and bud rot.

The White Knight also delivers unsurpassed CO2 injection through the HVAC system and regulated in ppm. Meanwhile, CO2 levels are maintained consistently throughout the growing space maximizing plant health and growth rate. We designed The White Knight to give you, the grower, the best opportunity to achieve your goals and maximize your yield.