Growing? Controllability – the Cornerstone of Quality

PART 1 - Insulation

The key to any good harvest is delivering quality on several factors. Some are easily identifiable. Others are not so apparent. In fact, one of the most effective and most overlooked portions of any garden is the controllability of the environment. While it is difficult to control the growing environment, it is the single most impactful element to a consistent and high quality crop.

 Cross section of wall material

Cross section of wall material

Despite efforts, unless your environment is completely controlled and isolated, consistency in production and quality will vary wildly. Imagine working in an environment completely controlled and determined by you. All the environmental factors you wish to control - Temperature, humidity, Air-flow, pressure, and CO2 may be high on your list.

The White Knight is able to give you the ability to control all of these conditions from anywhere you can work your mobile phone. But just having the ability to adjust these variables isn't enough – not without the proper facility designed to contain the environment inside and stop contaminants from entering.  The fact is, no warehouse or storage container is going to be able to prevent mold, mildew, spider-mites and any other contaminant from entering, as there are too many points of entrance.  

The White Knight (TWK) doesn’t have this issue.  TWK is designed and manufactured to the stringent standards of laboratory environments.  The first way TWK delivers this, is the structure itself.  The structure is manufactured out of materials utilized in food & beverage as well as pharmaceutical industries and is proved to stop microbial organisms, mold and mildew, and any traditional pest from entering.

Utilizing a tongue-and-groove locking system, there are no gaps or spaces for contaminants to enter through. Made from aluminum skin with poly-styrene chemically bonded interior, no pest is able to chew burrow through. The interior is wash down acceptable, and is coated with a bonded paint known as Plastisol.  Plastisol will not come off and is mold and mildew proof.  

In addition to expertly stopping contaminants from entering, the wall panels are an excellent insulator.  The insulation has an efficiency rating of R-60.  In simple terms, this means that there is roughly 60 TIMES the insulation factor over standard building materials.  In other words, the outside will not affect the inside. Whether if the TWK was in Desert Hot Springs, CA or Fairbanks, AK the TWK operates the same.

Controlling your environment is on the cutting edge of the industry.  For beginners, a controlled environment can be the difference between success and wild fluctuations in production and quality.  For experts already involved in commercial cultivation, removal of contaminants and a controlled environment allows for the farmer to focus all your energy on the art of cultivation.  For everyone, a controlled environment will increase production, dramatically reduce spoilage, and deliver a consistent, and quality crop every time.

Next time, in PART 2, we'll cover - Climate Control: Optimizing environment for maximum output.