Growers get 75+ pounds per harvest with The White Knight

When we invented The White Knight we wanted to make sure that it was road legal and easy to transport. That meant it should be 8 ft. wide and about 10 ft. tall - not more.

TWK312 (26 ft.)

TWK312 (26 ft.)

But we also wanted to maximize grow space and thereby get better ROI on equipment cost vs yield. This is why we make The White Knight expandable to two stories - 17 ft. total. With two floors, it is x2 the size of a modified c-container.

To make certain our solution was rock solid and remained completely sealed, we built The White Knight like a shoe-box. Both versions at 26 ft. and 40 ft. are vertically expandable to two stories.

Since you have to pay for land use or a warehouse, going vertical makes a big difference. For example, if you run TWK480 - the 40 ft. version - with Lumigrow 650 lights, you can fit 45 lights in one configuration. With a quality grow process, you'll produce 75+ pounds per harvest.

The best part? You'll hardly have any spoilage since this is really a lab-environment designed by industrial engineers building clean rooms for leading biotech companies and world-class breweries.

Yes, our engineers spent years designing the best possible solution for growing and this is the result. It looks like a box. It may even look like a container, but... that's comparing a low performance car to a race car. Not at all the same - and you'll know it when you have The White Knight!