The White Knight is always built to suit your needs

It is true that The White Knight comes in two versions. TWK480 is a 40 ft version with 640 sq.ft. of cultivation space. TWK312 is a 26 ft. version with 400 sq.ft of grow room - essentially the same unit with a smaller HVAC unit and a bit less space.

Both versions come standard with two floors and, of course, travels collapsed into one floor to meet DMW regulations. The technology template is the same, but we know your cultivation requirements are not. Therefore, each unit is always built to suit. 

Built to Suit Your Needs

We know you have different preferences so we decided, from the beginning, to engage with each of you in planning, designing, and engineering each unit to fit your special needs. Some of you want more width others want LED's and 10 ft. ceiling height vs the standard 8.3 ft. For those of you who use Gavitas vs LED's with a lower heat and energy consumption profile, you need a 5-ton HVAC unit. Done!

If you want more height or width, we can customize to your needs. As long as we stay within our room design template, we can make adjustments for you. If you want your White Knight to be 10 ft wide vs 8.5 ft, that's not a problem for us. It does mean that you'll need a "wide load" permit for the road and that will increase your transportation cost by x3 or more. As long as you're comfortable with that, we'll make it happen!

Some of you ask if we only deliver The White Knight with LumiGrow LED's. No, we deliver the White Knight to fit your needs. If you want to use HPS1000's, Spectrum Kings, or Gavita's, we'll make whatever adjustments required for your cultivation profile.

How Far Could Customization Go?

Right now, we're making explosion proof versions of TWK312 (C1D1 regulation) based on our technology platform. This version will be one floor rather than two and it will have a different, less advanced, HVAC unit, but our overall design remains similar. Of course, the components used have to meet C1D1 standards - but that is not difficult for us. Why? Because our team have 25+ years of experience designing and engineering clean rooms for pharmaceuticals and biotech. We've built many explosion proof facilities through the years and now we've transferred that knowledge to The White Knight.  

If you have customization needs, please reach out to Steve Baumgardner Thanks!