HVAC units are not all the same

We all agree that the health of your crop is number one. Unfortunately, we've seen countless examples of growers dropping in low-cost HVAC units to control their environments. This is usually a bad idea. Many of your decisions can be "fixed in editing," but you do not want to be exposed in this area. 

What you need is: Precision Cooling Control for Indoor Cultivation

All the models used for The White Knight utilize a robust air handling unit designed for precision cooling.  Our air handlers have traditional been used in systems where downtime is not an option such as data centers.  Like data centers, indoor cultivation facilities require precise cooling controls 24/7/365.

All of the our air handlers provide consistent temperature, dehumidification, and CO2 levels for your flower rooms.  Integral CO2 distribution also allows the user both monitoring and control capabilities, Precision cooling and dehumidification offers energy saving from the hot gas reheat capability. 

As an added feature to help ease the cultivator's peace of mind, a web based controls for both remote monitoring and adjustment for the items described above is offered.

True, it's not the cheapest option. But why would you want to risk it? If your air sucks, or you have a worst case scenario of losing your HVAC unit, you lose your crop. Not worth it. You should opt to go high end - where its most needed.

If you have questions about your air, hit up adam@thewhiteknight.co right now!