What modular systems are available?

Our company, Premises Labs, currently offer several different versions of our standard unit TWK480. Our Cultivation unit, TWK480X, is built to suit your production plans and requirements. For processors/extractors, we developed TWK480XT which can be delivered as C1D1 (explosion proof) or for CO2 extraction. We are now also building our first kitchen unit, TWK480K. All our units can be built as 2-story, with lifters, or single story. Our standard lengths are 26 ft (TWK312) and 40/44 ft (TWK480/480X). 

How big is The White Knight?

TWK480X Travel Mode Dimensions are 8’10” X 13’5½” X 44-4 1/2”’. In full Operational Mode dimensions are – 8’10” X 18’6” X 44-10”’. For all standard versions, shipping size starts at 13′ height in order to meet Department Of Transportation (D.O.T.) standard trailer shipping guidelines. When the TWK arrives at your facility, the second level can be manually raised to the full height with two levels to work with. (Note: TWK is also available in a single level configuration.)

Can we change the width or height?

Yes. You can, for instance, request that we deliver one tall room with 17 ft. ceiling height and/or 10 ft. width rather than the standard dimensions. Keep in mind, though, that we designed TWK to be a mobile (equipment) solution that can be shipped and transported at low cost. If you require larger units, you will likely have higher shipping cost and a longer lead time for delivery (design phase is added).

Is TWK made from a shipping container?

Absolutely not. The TWK is a completely engineered, professionally designed, licensed piece of equipment. Unlike modified shipping containers, our products are original and constructed by Premises Labs - an Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is often difficult to get modified shipping containers past state, city, or county planning departments. If you want to know more, please reach out to us and we'll explain.

What is the total canopy in your cultivation unit?

TWK480X has 640 sq.ft. of Canopy - that is: 2 x 320 sq.ft. rooms in 2-story configuration. You can work with tables, pots, or aeroponics. Our in-house cultivators will work with you to configure each unit to suit your plans and requirements.

How do I know if the White Knight's will work in my facility?

Our team will review your facility and operational plans, including space layout, electrical system, and water source to ensure that the TWK units we recommend will work for your facility. During our engagement, prior to the manufacturing stage, we will lead you through our 8-step process to ensure that no details are missed. We then provide the necessary support required through the build phase and facility permitting.

How long will it take to build my White Knight?

TWK takes about 8-10 weeks to order, build, and deliver. Prior to finalizing your order, we work through our 8-step process to ensure that all your requirements are met. Most importantly, we review your plans and all site/building details to ensure that all areas of planning are properly addressed. We also provide our drawing package for any pre-approval meetings you may have with your county/city planning departments. 

Who pays for the shipping costs?

Because TWK ships all over the U.S. and Canada, shipping costs and insurance are covered by the buyer. The good news is, because the TWK conforms to standard Department Of Transportation (D.O.T.) shipping guidelines, extra wide load shipping costs need not apply. Our team can also help provide shipping options and rates for you if requested.

What do I need to prepare for when my White Knight arrives?

The White Knight will need to be carried from the shipping truck trailer to inside your facility or lifted into position on your land. We will help you arrange for rigging company for the delivery. When TWK is placed in the location designated in your facility, a licensed electrician will need to be available to connect power to your White Knight. TWK will also need to be connected to a water source and CO2 source.

Do I have to change my grow methods for TWK?

Our team created TWK as an all-inclusive optimal growing solution that allow you to adjust your temperature, humidity, CO2, watering, lighting spectrums, for your specific growing needs. Once your White Knight arrives, you are in total control.

What kind of HVAC system does the White Knight use?

Our intelligent and fully built-in 5-13 ton cooling units offer precise cooling and humidity control along with a CO2 injection system, all regulated from your main thermostat. The 5-13 Ton units are integrated and housed inside the White Knight and comes equipped with a microprocessor control with iDap internet based communications able to control your unit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if needed. Larger precision cooling units required to run HPS or Gavita lights can be external to the unit depending on your facility and workflow requirements.

Can the White Knight work outdoors?

Yes, TWK is built for indoor or outdoor use. All our modular systems work efficiently in -20F and 120F - placed directly in the sun. Our insulation rating is R20 to R30. You'll just need a flat surface, electricity, and water hookups.

What type of lights can I use?

We recommend LED solutions. That said, the White Knight is a build to suit item and, if LED lights are not for you, it is possible to use high pressure sodium lights as well. Our team will consult with your team on optimal solutions for your cultivation template. 

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we can arrange financing through our partner for qualified buyers for all our units - including our modular custom solutions. Please ask us for details.

How much is the White Knight and how do I place an order?

We have built to suit options for your needs at various price points. Please email us at erlend@premiseslabs.com and we will get in touch with you shortly with pricing.