The White Knight Difference


Road Legal + fits on a truck.

The White Knight is road legal and fits on a standard truck. It is just 10 feet tall, but then can be expanded to two stories (17 ft.) on location. It is licensed as equipment and you can therefore just have it sit on your land or inside your warehouse. 

Energy Saving





Low energy cost is our mission.

The White Knight is built to be highly energy efficient. We use 2" Insulated Metal Panel walls with R-20 insulation rating. Our customers often select LEED Certified LED lighting and benefit from Stack Effect - no hearing or cooling of unused space. We also offer a closed loop Aeroponic watering system with Reverse Osmosis filtration and water softener with automated controls.  

Design + engineering quality is everything.

If you've had a low performing warehouse or an unfortunate experience with your build out, you know that it is hard to get everything right. Few professionals really know how to build high performing grow environments and mistakes are costly. In the past, you could get away with low yield crops and energy hungry environments. Today, if you want to win, you have to focus on quality. That's what you get with The White Knight. Innovative design, the best materials, and smart engineering choices made by the best engineers in the business.

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